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Ms. FOON Winnie

Ms Winnie Foon has over 19 years of international top fashion brands’ marketing and senior management experience in Greater China. She has been working closely with major luxury brand companies such as Prada, Ferragamo, LVMH and Kerling group, etc. She has also worked with fast-fashion brands like Topshop, Diesel, Ash and Mo & Co in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

In the past 6 years, Winnie has based in Beijing focusing on online retail/e-commerce, domestic and international brand development and social marketing promotions. Winnie was the Vice President of high-end fashion e-commerce platform responsible for global merchandising. She has gained extensive first-hand omni-channel marketing experiences and she is regarded as a leading expert in online/offline (O2O) retail management in mainland China.

Over the years, Winnie also gained extensive media exposure, she was invited as VIP guest to various popular fashion-related TV reality shows and events in China, including the “Muse Dress (女神新装) Season II” and “Pretty Lady (美丽俏佳人)”…, attended a number of Bazzar interviews, as well as being a KOL and Weibo host (attracted over 300,000 followers) for a considerable period of time. Winnie also has her own production team to work on internet TV programs. In 2016, her first travel reality show “Crazy Shopping(购瀟洒)” won the “Best Travel Shopping Reality Show of the Year 2016” from iqiyi愛奇艺, one of China’s leading internet TV channels.