Mr. Wong See Chung, Eric

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Mr. Wong See Chung, Eric

CEO, Boenasia (Shanghai) Investment Ltd

Eric Wong is the CEO of Boenasia (Shanghai) Investment Ltd. Mr. Wong has accumulated over 20 years of experience in property & project investment, M&A, financial advisory, business valuation and IT sectors around the world with specific focus in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Mr. Wong has been residing in China since 2003 and has developed many useful resources, extensive network and strong government relationships in many key cities in China. With Mr. Wong’s professional background as a Surveyor, he has solid understanding and in-depth knowledge on China’s property market and financial market.

Mr. Wong held senior position in major foreign bank, developer and private equity fund in China previously. Mr. Wong now represents a few private investors, family offices and equity funds to search for projects in Asia. He also serves as financial advisor for several investors to provide A to Z solution.

With IT technology penetrates to all sectors, Mr. Wong is committed to provide strategic consultancy service to clients combining technology & projects around Asia.

Mr. Wong is also an expert in green technology with specific focus on lithium battery research and development. He is dedicated to not only the development but also the applications across disciplines. Mr. Wong is currently assisting investors in developing this industry in different areas.

Mr. Wong holds a Master Degree in Property Development and Investment from Greenwich University (UK) and China MBA from Jiaotong Universitry (China). Mr. Wong is a Certified Surveyor (RICS) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).