Mr. Stephen Chung

Company team

Vice Chairman 
Mr. Stephen Chung

International Financial Holding Group  -  Managing Director

    • A venture fund company, the investment is mainly on those potential projects lacking in development fund.

Well Gainer Ltd.  – Managing Director

    • Pre-IPo investment, currently the substantial shareholder of a listed company, stock code #8133. This company also provides the professional IPo advice to its partners and subsidiaries.

New Well Ltd. – Executive Director

    • Engaging in properties investment, targets at commercial and industrial buildings

Tiande Profit Investment Ltd.  – Managing Director

    • An investment company in China, invested in a Mulburry plantation and Mulburry wine project in Shenzhen since the year of 2014.

Tiande Green Tech Holding Ltd.  – Director

    • It’s invested by International Financial Holding Group in 2015, this company is specialized in Eco projects.

Ever Tech Sino (Holdings) Ltd.  – Director

    • This company is also invested by International Financial Holding Group in 2015. It has engaged in  Cyber security technology and cooperated with some giant customers in the market. 

In conclusion, Our Group is specialized in Properties and Pre-IPo investment, Mergers and Acquisition, also providing professional service for IPo.