Mr. Andrew Luen Cheung Wong M.H

Company team

Mr. Andrew Luen Cheung Wong
Senior Advisor to Group Vice Chairman, Henderson China Properties Limited

Mr. Andrew Luen Cheung Wong, is currently Independent Director and Vice Chairman of the Board, Huazhong In-Vehicle Holdings Co. Ltd. He is also an Independent Non-Executive Director of Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd. and Independent Director and Chairman of Renumeration Committee of the Board, Canadian Solar Inc. Previously, Mr. Wong held senior positions at the Royal Bank of Canada; the Union Bank of Switzerland; China Citicorp International Limited, a merchant banking arm of Citibank; Hang Seng Bank Limited and DBS Bank Limited, Hong Kong. Independent Director and Chairman of Nomination & Renumeration Committer of the Board, China CITIC Bank Mr. Wong was a member of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Shaanxi Provincial Committee; also, a member of the China Overseas Friendship Association in Beijing. Mr. Wong was awarded the National Excellent Independent Director by the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2010 and received the Medal of Honour (Hong Kong SAR) from the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2011.

(A) Business functions


Independent non-executive directors, Vice-Chairman of the Board (Hong Kong listed) , Ningbo Huazhong In-Vehicle Holdings Company Limited  

Hong Kong

1. Independent Non-Executive Director 

Chubb Life insurance Co. Ltd. (Bermuda incorporated)

2. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Wise and Trustworthy Consultancy Co. Ltd.


Independent Director and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of Canada Canadian Solar Inc. (USA NASDAQ listed)


(B) Social and public duties

1.      Director
China Overseas Friendship Association

2.      Honorary Director
China Religious Culture Communication Association

3.      Honorary President
Nanjing Municipal Overseas Friendship Association

4.      Honorary Vice President

Shanxi Provincial Overseas Friendship Association

5.      Vice President
Chengdu Municipal Overseas Friendship Association

6.      Vice President
Xiamen Municipal Overseas Friendship Association

7.      Executive Director
Guangdong Provincial Overseas Friendship Association

8.      Executive Director
Chongqing Municipal Overseas Friendship Association

9.      Executive Director
Sichuan Provincial Overseas Friendship Association

10.     Director
Shanghai Municipal Overseas Friendship Association

11.     Director
Shenzhen Municipal Overseas Friendship Association

12.     Honorary Advisor and Chairman of the Banking Committee of the Australian Institute of Management Accountants


§  2010 National Excellent Independent Director, Shanghai Stock Exchange, China

§  2011 Hong Kong SAR Government Medal of Honor

§  2015 World Buddhist Outstanding Leader


1.      Chairman
Maitreya Culture and Education Foundation Limited

2.      Principal & Mentor
Institute of Maitreya Studies (Hong Kong)

3.      Chairman of Organising Committee
The First (2013) Maitreya Studies International Academic Forum

4.      Chairman of Organising Committee
The First (2016) Maitreya Studies Youth Cultural Festival

5.      Chairman of Organising Committee
The First (2018) Maitreya Studies Youth Forum and Second Maitreya International Academic Forum

6.      Chairperson of Organizing Committee
Maitreya Studies Triple gems Cultural and Education Activities,2019 (Including ‘Compassion’ Article Contest)

7.      Member Executive Committee Suicidal Prevention Seminar Hong Kong


1.      Weilun Distinguished Visiting Professor
Tsinghua University

2.      Visiting Professor
Shaanxi Normal University

3.      Visiting Professor
Nanjing University
Chinese Culture Research Institute

4.      Visiting Professor
Sichuan University
Institute of Taoism and Religious Culture Studied

5.      Visiting Professor
Shandong University
Research Centre for Buddhist Studies

6.      Visiting Professor
East China Normal University, Institute of Religious Culture

7.      Visiting Professor
China West Normal University
Faculty of History and Culture

8.      Visiting Professor
Shenzhen University

9.      Visiting Professor
Yangzhou University

10.  Visiting Professor
Xianyang Tibet Nationalities University

11.  Visiting Professor
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

12.  Visiting Professor
Zhejiang University
Research Center for Confucius and East Asian Civilization

13.  Visiting Professor
Ningbo University
Faculty of Humanistic and Media

14.  Research Fellow
Zhejiang University
Research Centre for Buddhist Studies

15.  Visiting Professor
Nanjing Normal University Institute of Dunhuang Studies

16.  Visiting Professor
Chinese Buddhist Academy

17.  Visiting Professor
Hangzhou Buddhist Academy

18.  Professor in Maitreya Studies
Sichuan Buddhist Academy for Nuns