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由於發現公司有同事確診,所以本星期同事們會在家工作。如有緊急事宜,請致電9156 7561。下星期一4/7會回復正常辦公時間,不便之處敬請原諒。

Due to one of our colleagues tested positive to COVID-19, all colleagues will work from home this week. For urgent matters, please contact 9156 7561 for assistance. The CMA office will resume to normal on 4 July 2022 (Mon). Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The 1st Management Accounting Professional Body in Australia

First Feature100 + University Programs

Articulate to Doctorate / MBA Degrees

Offered in Hong Kong since 1989

Qualified as a Certified Management Accountant

Just in 6 months!


We are a professional examining body and a membership body. Members are required to pass examinations and have relevant work experience prior to attaining the CMA qualification.


We partners with over 100 accredited University Programs to create an awareness of some current developments in the profession.


We established 17 branches and centres in Australia and globally. These branches and centres will serve as the hub for member services in the region, as well as cores for future development and discussion of the profession.


We partner with business organisations by accrediting organisations as providers of recognised training and experience programs for prospective members to obtain their experience requirements for membership.


In grooming future professional management accountants, we are interested in forward-looking and taking decisions that will affect the future of the organization


Our recognition arrangements with other prominent professional bodies give you professional mobility and multi-specialisation recognition.