Mr. Wu Loong Cheong Paul

Company team

Vice Chairman

Mr. Wu Loong Cheong Paul

Principal, Co-Founder – Ascent Partners Group Limited

Mr. Wu is one of the founders of Ascent Partners Group Limited. He spearheads the business valuation and advisory service division to formulate marketing strategies, business development and operating plans, as well as establish and institutionalize business practices, standards and processes for the effectiveness and efficiency across the global operations of the Group.

Mr. Wu is also the head of the analytical and risk management division which provides solutions and consultancy services to financial institutions and corporate clients in financial products and operations. In addition, Mr. Wu has also served as an Independent Non-Executive Director of Lai Group Holding Company Limited (HK Stock Code: 8455) since 2017.

Prior to co-founding Ascent Partners, Mr. Wu has accumulated extensive leadership, management and global experiences in regions of North America and Asia Pacific, in particular, in the area of information technology and telecommunication. He had roles and responsibilities in various stages of the product life cycle, including development, deployment, maintenance, support and end-of-life, and involved in various acquisitions, and business process improvement initiatives. Mr. Wu graduated as a Master of Science at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He is also a certified member of CMA (Australia), as well as a holder of Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA).