Dr. Kant Chong

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Vice Chairman
Dr. Kant Chong

Dr. Chong is the executive director of numerous overseas and domestic corporations. He has extensive international experience in the corporate and investor service industry. Dr. Chong believes in giving back to the community and as such is enthusiastically involved in community services. He has a strong passion for

and is highly committed to nurturing young people and helping them to develop their careers. Dr. Chong is President of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade and particularly involved with the development of the Youth Command. He had been awarded with the Assistant Commissioner’s Commendation in Year 2016 and Commissioner’s Commendation in Year 2019. Dr. Chong is the Chairman of the Canadian University Association. He is a member of the Sustainable Development Committee and the Education Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Chong has been appointed as a Director of the Western University Alumni Board and was awarded the King's College Outstanding Young Alumni Award of Distinction from his alma mater in Canada. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Professional Managers Committee of the Hong Kong Management Association. Dr. Chong also believes in providing a second chance to those who have made unwise decisions in the past and is currently a committee member of the Care of Rehabilitated Offenders Association (Correctional Services Department). He is also Director of the

Lions Club of Hong Kong North. Dr. Chong is an executive committee member of the Hong Kong Scout Association NTE Region Training Committee. Dr. Chong teaches during his spare time and holds honorary adjunct titles from a number of universities.