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Any properly qualified natural person may apply by using the application form to become a member of one of the grades of membership of the Association. An application for membership must be lodged with the Secretary. The Secretary must refer all applications for membership to the Membership Committee as soon as practicable. The Membership Committee must consider each application for membership and make a recommendation in that regard to the Executive Committee as soon as practicable.

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Membership Application Form  

The Executive Committee must determine as soon as practicable whether to accept or reject the application. A person becomes a Member once :

  • That person’s application has been approved by the Executive Committee

  • The annual subscription and any entrance fee has been paid by that person; and

  • The person’s details are entered in the register of members.

The Secretary must notify the applicant in writing as soon as practicable of the outcome of the applicant’s application for membership. When electronic payments on the Internet are more secure, we will develop an online application form enabling you to apply for or extend your membership online.