Escalating Your Career

The aim of this programme is to further develop skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in the areas of cost and management accounting for associate members and, in the process, create an awareness of some current developments in the profession. 

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Application Form for Program Enrollment & Exam Registration

Membership and Education Program Fee Schedule

Membership Fees

Membership Application Fee HK$1,000
Qualification Assessment Fee HK$1,000
Membership Annual Subscription  
Registered Cost Accountant (RCA)  HK$1,500 
Registered Business Accountant (RBA)  HK$1,500 
Graduate Management Accountant (GMA)  HK$1,600 
Associate Management Accountant (AMA)  HK$1,700 
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)   HK$1,900
Education Program Fees (per subject)  
Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Program          
CMA Examination Fees (per subject) HK$1,000
Research Assignment HK$2,500


  • Prices effective from 20 November 2014. CMA Australia reserves the right to amend prices without prior notice.
  • Education program fee includes one set of subject material and program workshops.


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