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The aim of this programme is to further develop skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in the areas of cost and management accounting for associate members and, in the process, create an awareness of some current developments in the profession. 

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Sam Wong Chun Sing   pic

Dr. Wong Chun Sing Sam
Managing Director, Chun Wah (HK) Group Ltd

Dr. Sam Wong is the Managing Director of Chun Wah (HK) Group Limited. Sam also holds the following public services positions:


KennethMokVice Chairman
Mr. Kenneth Mok
Executive Director, iStudy Hub (HK) Ltd

Mr. Kenneth Mok, is one of the founders of the iStudy Hub formed in Singapore in 2011 and is the Executive Director of its Greater China operations covering the business development, client relationship and is also a facilitator and lecturer for its partnership programs.

Benny Sze2 PhotoVice Chairman
Mr. Sze Wan Fung Benny
Founder - B & C Corporate Services

Mr. Sze Wan Fung, Benny, the Founder of B & C Corporate Services (since 2009), has been providing “Outsourced CFO“ and “IT & ERP Solutions” services for Hong Kong SMEs and MNCs regional offices. His clients are from different business sectors, including manufacturing, trading, wholesaling and retailing, which engage in the production of  Garments, Electronic, Glasses, Furniture, Bags, Fashion Accessories, Cosmetics, Beauty, Environmental Protection, Agricultural and Energy products and so on.

Mingles Tsoi pic3

Vice Chairman
Mr. Mingles Tsoi
Director OF KPMG China

Mingles was an entrepreneur owning his own consultancy company since 1997. Besides sourcing human capital he also specializes in fund raising and consulting for startups.

Edmund Wong2Vice Chairman
Dr. Wong Pong Chun Edmund
Manager, Hong Kong Productivity Council

Dr. Wong Pong Chun, Edmund has extensive experience in the consultancy, training and manufacturing business. He is currently the Manager of Hong Kong Productivity Council. He is also a professional notably in areas such as information technology, productivity improvements, and quality management. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully delivered consultancy services to both service and manufacturing companies in applying effective tools to add value for the entire business value chain.

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