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The aim of this programme is to further develop skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in the areas of cost and management accounting for associate members and, in the process, create an awareness of some current developments in the profession. 

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susanna lee


Ms. Susanna Lee

Ms. Susanna Lee has over 20 years management and teaching experience in tertiary and arts education. Over the past 9 years, she was engaged by a statutory quality assurance authority to head the Research, Consultancy and Training functional area. Major projects under her leadership included Comparative Study of Veterinary Qualifications, development and review of quality assurance model that underpins the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF), moderation of industry competency standards, knowledge management, credential recognition, technical feasibility of aligning trade tests under the HKQF, etc. The study targets cover the higher education sector and the vocational education and training sector in HK; and the education systems, accreditation and recognition systems and higher education institutions of various areas including the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

She is leading another major consultancy project for the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region to underpin its new quality assurance system for higher education. The project covers the development of Generic Outcomes Standards, Qualifications Descriptors, and manuals for accreditation and quality audit at institutional and programme levels.

Ms. Lee contributed to the development of a unit of the Quality Assurance Graduate Programme for the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE). The graduate programme is now converted into an online Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance of The University of Melbourne. She also contributed to the publication of the Handbook on Good Practices in Quality Assurance for the Sub-degree Sector in 2009 as a member of the relevant Expert Group. The INQAAHE accepted the collaboration among the policy bureau and QA bodies to promote QA culture in HK as a good practice in June 2012 for entry into its good practice database for access by members.

Being the developer of the model of non-local programme accreditation, which was the first of its kind launched in Hong Kong in 2009 to underpin the HKQF, she shared the celebration of the recognition of the model through the APQN Quality Award (2013) in International Focus. As the founding head of the functional unit of Research, Consultancy and Training, she is also honoured to receive the APQN Quality Award (2014) in Training and Support of Reviewers on behalf of the organisation that she served.

Ricky Lam pic


Vice Chairman
Mr. Lam Shun Bun Ricky
Honorary Secretary, Institute of Financial Accountants in Hong Kong

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation towards Professor Allen Wong to invite me to be the Vice Chairman, Committee of Small and Medium Enterprise under the Hong Kong Committee of CMA Australia for 2014-2015. It is my great pleasure to accept this appointment.

During my long years’ experience in logistics field, I held various senior positions in finance and accounting to help the management reduce the costs and improve the efficiency and profitability of the company. Transport and logistics are the basis of the supply chain. To perform a successful supply chain strategy within a logistics company, a sound management of transportation and logistics is an essential element to be implemented to enhance its competitiveness in the market. In early of 1985, I was assigned by a U.S. based company in Seattle to develop an international accounting system to be tailor-made for handling air freight and document shipments by its subsidiaries in Singapore, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It was implemented successfully.

In 1990, I was instructed by a local firm which was headquartered in U.K. to develop a quality system for its air and sea freight departments. I did it by myself to prepare a whole comprehensive air and sea freight systems with full quality documental control to achieve the ISO 9002 Award granted by HKQAA. It was the first freight forwarding company without using consultant to achieve this award in Hong Kong.

After completion the professional course offered by CMA (Australia), I appreciate the dedication and commitment of its management in Hong Kong. It has put much effort to promote its image and reputation and achieve a high social status in the community.

Upholding a high standard of professional qualification will facilitate our academic development and education. I will keep a lifelong learning to improve my professional level and knowledge.

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Vice Chairman
Dr. Ho Man Kai Anthony
Director, Harmony Asset Ltd

Dr. Ho Man Kai, Anthony is an independent non-­‐executive director of Harmony Asset Limited since September 2004, a public listed company in Hong Kong. He is the Chairman of the audit committee and remuneration committee and a member of disclosure committee and nomination committee. Mr Ho has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of civil engineering, building construction, industrial manufacturing, financial services and academic specializing in cost management, strategic management accounting, corporate finance and administration, and investment management. Dr. Ho received his Business Administration degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a Master of Professional Accounting degree form The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Ph. D. from the Bulacan State University. Professionally, Dr. Ho is a Certified Member (CMA) of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia, a Fellow Member of the Institute of Public Accountants, Australia, a Fellow Member of the Institute of Financial Accountants, United Kingdom, a Fellow Member of the Taxation Institute in Hong Kong and a Certified Tax Advisor in Hong Kong.

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